Abstinence from alcohol for the month: the findings of scientists many sober

Отказ от алкоголя на месяц: выводы ученых отрезвят многих

Scientists conducted a study and found out what happens to the human body, renounced alcohol

Abstinence from alcohol for just one month reduces blood pressure and the risk of cancer, and assists to lose a few extra pounds, according to scientists from University College London.

Отказ от алкоголя на месяц: выводы ученых отрезвят многих

In addition, abstinence from alcohol for four weeks also eases insomnia, supports liver health and helps you focus.

To come to such conclusions, experts have studied 26 volunteers who drank more or less than the recommended level of 14 units of alcoholic beverages per week. One of the women claimed that she never refused alcohol and drank alcohol from the age of 13.

Weight, blood pressure and the condition of the liver of the participants were pre-assessed prior to the beginning of the experiment. Was also conducted blood tests to determine risk of developing cancer. In addition, the subjects filled out questionnaires that evaluated their mental health and sleep quality. If you abuse from alcohol or other substances and you are looking for help to rehab make sure to visit https://www.sjrp.com/

Half of the participants continued to consume alcohol, as usual, and the others ruled out alcohol for four weeks. When the tests were repeated a month after abstaining from alcohol, there was significant improvement in the health of volunteers.

Thus, the participants observed a pronounced reduction in blood pressure, and weight loss of 2-3 kg. Volunteers also reported that they began to sleep better, have increased concentration, and they generally just feel healthier.

Отказ от алкоголя на месяц: выводы ученых отрезвят многих

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What was really impressive is the reduction of fat in the liver, the amount of which has been reduced by almost 20% in people with heavy alcohol consumption and 10% among people who consumed alcohol in moderation. Circulating cancer markers in the blood after a month of giving up alcohol also has been reduced.

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