Abroad under the new rules: “to get will not all” published an important law

За границу по новым правилам: "попасть смогут не все", опубликован важный закон

Soon the cost of services for the issuance of civil and foreign passports in Ukraine will increase. At the government meeting on Wednesday, April 24 will be approved a new tariff schedule for the relevant services

If the Cabinet did not Express objections, the proposed changes will come into effect from may 1, 2019. The initiator of the price increase the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov in the explanatory Memorandum noted that in 2017 the cost of migration service (SMS) increased to 736 million UAH. while the previous year was 463 million. While cost of services increased by 44.2 percent, according to “Know.sa”.

За границу по новым правилам: "попасть смогут не все", опубликован важный закон

At the same time, inflation in the country decreases, and average wages grow, so officials believe, significant damage to the budget of Ukrainian families, the price increases will cause. As a result, this will provide an opportunity to increase revenues from the provision of appropriate services to 278 million UAH. of which 194 mln. send in the General funds of local budgets.

The government proposes to increase the cost of services of GMS for the issuance of passports in case of their replacement or loss (the first time the passport will be issued free of charge). In addition, I want to increase prices for the passport, residence permit, travel documents and other identity. The estimated cost of the services will be:

The fee for the issuance of your passport when you replace a document, in case of loss:

Within 20 days: from 87 to 126 UAH.

Within 10 days: from 174 to 252 UAH.

The fee for registration of passports (including in case of loss):

Within 20 days: from 253 to 352 UAH.

Within 7 days: from 506 to 704 UAH.

In the period of 3 days: from 506 to 704 UAH.

За границу по новым правилам: "попасть смогут не все", опубликован важный закон

States that data rates are only part of the total cost of obtaining passport. In addition, Ukrainians will have to pay the cost of the blank, as well as the services of the center, placing the document. For example, in GP “Document” service on registration of passports without surcharge for urgency at the moment is 957,32 UAH.

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