Abnormal frosts will come to Moscow next week

Next week in Moscow will come the abnormal cold weather – the temperature will drop to -25 degrees.

About what the weather will be in Moscow next week, said forecasters of weather center “Phobos”.

According to meteorologists, on the night of Monday, January 21 in the Russian capital will start cold. Monday’s precipitation in the form of snow. The wind will blow with a speed of 17 metres per second in places are possible gusts of wind.

Frosts will start to grow stronger by the evening of 21 January the temperature during the day will fall to -12 degrees Celsius.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the cold reached the maximum value, expected -20…-25 degrees Celsius at night. This afternoon the temperature will show -17…-12 degrees Celsius.

“At the nights frosts to -20…-25 degrees Celsius, in the afternoon not above -12…-17 degrees, which is abnormally cold and 9-10 degrees below the proper for the end of January climatic norm”, – reads the statement of the specialists of weather centre.
To warm up will begin in the second half of the week and in the weekend the temperature reaches the normal range.
“The average temperature for the weekend will gradually return to its climate channel”, say forecasters.

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