Ability to appear: Martineau invited to collaborate better

alexandre-martineau(SHERBROOKE) The grandfather of Alexander Martineau asked the court to issue a prohibition of contact.

Alexandre Martineau faces charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault in the place of his grandfather and the joint of the latter on the street Mezy Sherbrooke on 9 June.

The grandfather of 75 and grandmother of 73 years are likely to have been attacked with knives by their breakfast 21 year old son at home.

The forensic psychiatrist Dr. Karine Forget requested an extension of the evaluation on the ability to appear.

This evaluation was requested during the passage of Alexander Martineau, June 10, in court.

The prosecutor to criminal prosecution Nathalie Robidoux asked to invite the accused to cooperate in assessing the ability tribunal.

Conrad Chapdelaine judge of the Quebec Court referred the individual to 21 years it was in its interest to collaborate.

“It’s in your interest to work with physicians so they can help the court determine if you are able to appear,” said the judge Chapdelaine.

The judge also imposed a ban on contact with the two alleged victims in this case.

The grandfather of 75 years for the accused has also been met by investigators from the Sherbrooke Police Department in recent days.

The folder will return to the court on June 30.

No criminal record, no mental health problems or known consumer, the authorities are wrong explain what could take place on June 9 at the home of the couple in their seventies to the north of Sherbrooke.

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