“Abandoned Ukrainian”, it came to light shameful secret Putin about the death of “Losharik”, this is payback

«Отказались от украинских»: вскрылась позорная тайна Путина о гибели "Лошарика", это расплата

In Russia there are new details of the tragedy at the nuclear deep-water station as-31 “Losharik”, killing 14 officers of the Navy of the Russian Federation

According to Kommersant, citing sources in the group of investigation of accident, in case there was a Ukrainian footprint.

It is also reported that the entire crew of a nuclear power station AC-31 after the outbreak of the fire could evacuate on a boat carrier, but instead, the sailors fought to the last for the survivability of the station.

The sailors followed the “Guide for struggle for survivability of submarines”, according to which crew members have to stay and fight the fire on the spot where they caught fire. Left compartment facing criminal liability. The six hydronauts left as-31, ten left to deal with the accident.

«Отказались от украинских»: вскрылась позорная тайна Путина о гибели "Лошарика", это расплата

Subsequently, during the inspection of the station revealed that in the struggle for survivability of the device hydronauts used all the available on-Board fire-fighting means. In addition, the crew in 40 minutes “were ezdial” all self-contained breathing funds, then stocks of portable respiratory devices, after which the officers used hose breathing apparatus. The commander requested permission to evacuate only when the sailors began to lose consciousness.

According to one source, the officers-the hydronauts were killed in the explosion of the battery when the aid arrives four gidronavty replacement crew. They met putting out the fire at the gateway device, then the hatch between the two ships again sealed. It is expected that shortly afterwards the explosion occurred. All that were there died.

In addition, it is reported that the station type as-31 long time used silver-zinc batteries of the Ukrainian production. After the deterioration of relations between Kiev and Moscow, they were replaced by the Russian lithium-ion batteries, which are produced by St. Petersburg factory “Battery company “Rigel”. Among the manufacturer’s documentation was discovered certificates that transferred to the fleet batteries have been tested for explosion safety. The circumstances of these tests is currently being investigated.

Some experts admit that the explosion caused extreme modes of operation of the battery. They believe that because of the melting insulation can lead to short circuit, which caused failures in the power stations and related automation.

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In addition, a number of experts spoke about the validation of the terrorist version of explosion. According to them, the batteries on the ground to blow up with TNT. Debris compared with the real, found on the as-31.

«Отказались от украинских»: вскрылась позорная тайна Путина о гибели "Лошарика", это расплата

Recall that on 1 July, a fire broke out on the Russian deep-sea research apparatus in the Barents sea near Severomorsk. 14 sailors died from poisoning by combustion products.

Recall, the secret submarine Putin landed with a dead crew.

As reported Politeka, after the mysterious death of seamen on the “Losharik” was published the only photo of the secret weapons of Putin.

Also Politeka wrote what is known about the ill-fated “the Losharik”, unexpected details and footage.