Aaron Carter has more news of his brother Nick Carter since he announced his bisexuality – Here

Aaron Carter and his brother Nick are they in cold weather ? Interviewed at the airport, the former child star revealed that there had been no news from the star of the Backstreet Boys since he had revealed his bisexuality.

At the beginning of the month of August, Aaron Carter was finally freed of a great weight that he had on his shoulders. The ex-child star of the year 2000 known for his hit I Want Candy revealed in a message poignant posted on Twitter his bisexuality : “When I was 13 years old, I started to find boys and girls attractive. For a few years I thought about it, but this is only 17 years old, after a few relationships with girls, that I had an experience homosexual with someone who attracted me, and with which I grew up and worked “.

A revelation is all the more important for the young man because at the same time, he was separated from his girlfriend, Madison Parker. Now more free, Aaron Carter has been a revelation heartbreaking to TMZ. Arrested while he was at the airport, the singer was arrested in July for possession of marijuana indicated that it had received a lot of messages of support.

Unfortunately, one person missing. Brother Aaron, Nick Carter has not yet called. The star of the Backstreet Boys keeps, for the moment, silent, without his bro ‘ doesn’t know why. Yet, Aaron Carter assured him, between him and Nick Carter, everything is going very well. This is probably a small mistake on the part of the singer star of the 90s…

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