A year after his rescue this little boy abandoned makes his comeback

It is the image, happy, finally, that goes around the web this weekend. Hope, a small boy collected a year ago by a Danish humanitarian, Anja Ringgren Loven. Caught for a sorcerer by his parents, he had been abandoned and left to himself for a little less than a year. The picture of this little man had moved the Web. Extremely thin, still in infancy, his belly swollen with worms, his skin pockmarked with all sorts of lesions, he drank from the bottle of water offered to him by his savior. Anja, blond at the time, then displayed a serious, unconvinced that Hope, as she renamed it, would do well.

Yet, thanks to the many donations from around the world, Hope has benefited from all the necessary care to get back on his feet. And in just a few weeks, he was already in much better shape. Evolving since in the orphanage that Anja and her husband created in Nigeria, The land of Hope, photos and videos of the boy and his friends show what path has been traveled since he crossed the path of the young woman .

A few days ago, to celebrate this happy anniversary, Anja published a photo montage on the principle of before-after. Hope on the left, always drinks from the bottle she hands him, but this time he is dressed and no longer naked, his limbs are no longer emaciated but plump, his expression is no longer that of the urgency to live But simply that of happiness. In front of her, the big-hearted Danish woman swapped her peroxidised lengths against her original brown, but above all, she exchanged her frown and frowned with a broad smile full of love. And most importantly, she is proud to announce that Hope is making her first comeback.

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