A woman with a child lost a limb in a terrible accident with a train: details of emergency

Женщина с ребенком лишились конечностей в страшной аварии с поездом: детали ЧП

In Russia, the 37-year-old woman and her 15-year-old daughter got a terrible injury when landing on a fast train “Sankova — Saint-Petersburg” in the Novgorod region at the station Nebolchi

The tragic incident occurred when the mother ran to her car and stumbled, fell on the train tracks and was hit by a car. The driver did not have time to slow down part, and the woman lost his left leg. Her teenage daughter, without hesitation, rushed to help his mother, and got in trouble herself — she has torn off a hand.

Женщина с ребенком лишились конечностей в страшной аварии с поездом: детали ЧП

Both relatives were hospitalized in the hospital, they are in intensive care.

The police report that traffic police began checking on the fact of the tragedy.

Recently at the Central railway station there was a traffic accident, which shocked both passengers and law enforcement officers.

The man suddenly pushed under a train coming from the woman and child

The incident happened in the German city of Frankfurt around 9:50 am. Under the wheels of the train were a woman and her 8-year-old son. Unfortunately, not without casualties. The boy died on the spot, to save him failed.

Женщина с ребенком лишились конечностей в страшной аварии с поездом: детали ЧП
The child’s mother urgently taken to a medical facility.

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The offender was arrested, although he tried to escape after what he did. It appeared to be a black man, a resident of Eritrea, he was 40 years old.

The motives of the attacker are investigated by the police. While the police say only that the man and his victim were not acquainted.

As previously reported, in the village Khlopchytsi Lviv region on the unregulated railway crossing the passenger train “Syanky-Lviv” collided with a car Opel Vectra.

22-year-old driver of Opel died at the scene and his passenger was taken to the hospital.

Now militiamen find out all circumstances of incident and the issue of opening of criminal proceedings.

We will remind that in Odessa the train hit a woman who was standing on the tracks and did not respond to sound signals

As reported Politeka, in Taiwan there was a terrible tragedy on the train tracks, there are numerous casualties

Also Politeka wrote that the train rammed the truck with grain in Volchansky district of Kharkiv region.