A woman sued over ten thousand pounds at the marriage Agency for a lack of men

Женщина отсудила свыше десятка тысяч фунтов у брачного агентства за нехватку мужчин

Teresa Burke sued 13 100 pounds from an elite Dating Agency Seventy Thirty in Central London.

47-year-old mother of three contacted the Agency in 2013. The burqa was looking for the “wise gentleman” and “man of dreams”, preferably working in the financial sector. She stressed that interested in the person who is “rich lifestyle” and “open to foreign trips.” In addition, the woman wanted to have another child, reports the KNIFE.

For access to the catalogue of suitors, the Agency asked 12 600 pounds. The managing Director of the company Lemark Thomas convinced the client that their database many wealthy men. It turned out to be wrong: was men was only 100, very few of them fit the criteria, and some have already found a couple.


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