A well-known bodybuilder told how to build muscles and lose immunity

Известный бодибилдер рассказал, как нарастить мускулы и не потерять иммунитет

It is understood that training is an additional stress on the body, so care about immunity during sports

Sports are associated with good health. Unfortunately, the immune system of people who actively train, may be weakened under certain conditions. Especially in the winter — the height of seasonal diseases. How to avoid said coach bodybuilder Pavel Kozlenko.

1. Get enough sleep.

I know you’ve heard this many times. However, sleep affects all body systems. Lack of sleep enters the body in a state of stress. This triggers the secretion of stress hormones, primarily cortisol. In large quantities cortisol suppresses the immune response to pathogens.

Известный бодибилдер рассказал, как нарастить мускулы и не потерять иммунитет

2. Not perylenediimides

We are talking again about stress hormones. Inadequate amount of load is the stimulation of muscle growth will cause a surge of cortisol. In large quantities cortisol negatively affects not only the immune system, but also on the sensitivity of muscle to insulin. It makes almost impossible to build muscle and stimulates the buildup of fat.

3. Drink plenty of protein.

The immune system consists mainly of proteins. People who actively train, cause stress in the muscles, which pulls on a substantial part of the amino acids. It is believed that the shortage of protein, muscles are able to “Rob” the immune system. On average, men exercise the normal protein is in the range of 1.6-2.4 g per kilogram of body weight.

4. Use glutamine.

Of particular importance in maintaining immunity has such Supplement as glutamine. It is this amino acids, not glucose or fatty acids, covers the energy requirements of the immune system (i.e. “fuel” for the immune system).

Add previously we wrote why training may not yield results. The reason can be unhealthy and the serving size of food.

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Известный бодибилдер рассказал, как нарастить мускулы и не потерять иммунитет

The first and most important reason for this may be violation of the sleep mode. Lack of sleep affects the hormones that control appetite and make you think about these snacks, like sweets and junk food. Sleep deprivation can also slow your metabolism and halt energy production.

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