A visit to the same physician has extended the lives of patients – scientists

Посещение одного и того же врача продлило жизнь пациентам - ученые

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British researchers came to the conclusion that the mortality rate among patients who regularly attend the same doctor was on average lower than those who are each time drawn to different specialists of the same profile. According to scientists, the credibility of well-known doctor helps patients more willing to talk about their condition and more consistently stick to the recommendations. The paper was published in the journal BMJ Open, reports Naked Science.

Researchers analyzed databases Embase, MEDLINE and Web of Science, selecting the 22 articles published since 2010. The studies were conducted in nine countries, including the USA, Canada, UK, Israel, Taiwan and South Korea. In the largest of the studies takes into account data on 838 396 patients.

Work selected for meta-analyses focused on different issues, but they all contained data on mortality of patients and what doctors they visited.

Eighteen of the 22 works have shown that a strong correlation between consistency in the choice of the doctor and lower mortality of patients does exist.

The pattern is maintained not only in visits to internists and General practitioners, but in the case of medical specialists from surgeons to psychiatrists. The authors of the meta-analysis note: in the remaining four studies the relationship between the sequence of visits and the period of life considered in the relatively short time periods.

Studied showed that people who regularly attend one of the attending physician of a particular specialty, are more likely to comply with medical recommendations and to resort to measures for preventing disease (for example, the time to be vaccinated).

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Also these patients are less likely to have required emergency hospitalization. According to one study, patients held consultations with different surgeons, the probability of death during the year, two times higher than the risks of those who have visited the same doctor.

One of the authors of the meta-analysis Denis Pereira gray says: “Turning to good friend the doctor, patients feel freer and more inclined to share with the doctor all the necessary information, including personal information or messages that they are worried about. Due to this, the doctor can more accurately choose the optimal scheme of treatment.”

In the future, the authors plan to study the relationship between longevity and the sequence of visits to the doctor given the many risk factors: age, gender, bad habits, education level and income.

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