A viral video in which ants walk in circles around the iPhone, does not rest user

Why the ants began marching in circles around lying on the ground iPhone at the exact moment when he rang? The answer to the riddle of the old viral video may be the characteristics of chemical language of ants.

Вірусне відео на якому мурахи ходять колами навколо айфона, не дає спокою користувачам

Viral video in which ants tend to walk in circles around the iPhone as soon as it receives an incoming call, at the end of last week got its second wind – as often happens with viral videos, it was posted in 2015, and again remembered in 2018. The new wave of interest, we present different explanations for the strange behavior of insects and choose the most likely, informs Rus.Media.

The ViralVideoLab, where the first has a video to explain this circular March “electromagnetic wave” incoming call, but what do you mean, we don’t quite understand. Radio waves surround us (and ants), and why insects reacted on this input but not others, is unclear.

An entomologist from the University of New England Nigel Andrew (Nigel Andrew) indicates that the ants have magnetic sensors which insects use for orientation. Indeed, some species (e.g., the South American ants, Atta colombica listorti) are guided by magnetic field through organs located in the antennae. But, first, it is unknown what kind of ants massiruya in the video, and secondly, it is unlikely that the smartphone creates an oscillating magnetic field that can affect the behavior of ants even need.

It’s probably just the phenomenon that we have already described. It is called sometimes “morelink circle of death” lies in the fact that ants – creatures, deprived of vision, sometimes themselves are driving themselves into the trap of olfaction and chemical signals. On the way to the place where a lot of food, the ants emit a special signal that needs to involve relatives. Accidentally hitting the trail on your own, the ant starts walking in a circle, to leave more odorous substances, the same should be new ants. Sometimes in the trap are hundreds and thousands of insects, and the diameter of the “ant community” reaches hundreds of meters. Perhaps with ants who walk around with the iPhone, happened the same problem, and the formation of the circle coincided with a call.

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