A video in which an owl cleverly disguised among the toys

This owl could easily disguise among his toy counterparts.

Відеоролик, на якому сова вправно маскується серед іграшок

In the video below you will find a fully fixed the owl with a completely concentrated look, trying to blend in with the stuffed animals, informs Rus.Media.

In a short video, filmed in Chiba, Japan, the bird sits right on the top shelf in the kitchen which is situated harmoniously lined up in rows, stuffed toy owls. The bird fits in perfectly with this company, if this does not move any muscles of the body, or its huge eyes.

Video as we mentioned above, it seems, was filmed in the kitchen of the owner of the animal, as is seen in the lockers kitchen utensils.

Note that Sov is quite a common practice, to take and to merge with the environment to hunt.

Smart birds also have the ability to narrow and expand your pupils at its discretion, that explains how the owl managed to maintain such a view. In addition, to expand and narrow your pupils know how owls retail: narrowing and expanding upon one another.

In this particular case, maybe the creature really wanted to relax a bit, since owls can sleep with my eyes open, thanks to his unusual brain, part of which may be in the sleep state, while the second half will be to sleep.

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