A veteran of the ATO opened fire in a cafe, went to the journalist: the details of the emergency

Ветеран АТО устроил стрельбу в кафе, досталось журналисту: подробности ЧП

In one of Kiev cafe shooting occurred because of the veteran anti-terrorist operation, which resulted in the hospitalized journalist

About it reports “Radio Freedom”.

“In Kiev in the evening on may 5 suffered a gunshot wound Vladimir Runeth, the correspondent of TV channel “Real time” (a joint project of Radio Liberty and Voice of America). The wound was the result of a conflict with a former member of the fighting in the Donbass, which opened fire on the visitors of the cafe”, — stated in the message.

Ветеран АТО устроил стрельбу в кафе, досталось журналисту: подробности ЧП

It is emphasized that the journalist was wounded in the leg.

“He was taken to hospital and underwent surgery. Threatening the life of the journalist is not, however, need another two operations. According to preliminary data, the attack on the journalist is not related to his professional activity”, — underlined in the message.

Clarifies that the perpetrator of the shooting were 45-year-old veteran of the war in the Donbass.

“After a conflict over money with his ex-girlfriend, friend of the journalist, he came to the cafe where she was with a Ked and other friends, and began to shoot a rifle in visitors. The journalist tried to persuade him to drop the gun, but was himself wounded in the foot,” — said in the message.

The information on other victims yet. The assailant fled the scene of an emergency.

As previously reported, in Kiev in the shooting was injured journalist.

The incident occurred on Sunday, may 5, in Kiev, Geroev Dnepra, 34, “porter Pub”. As a result, suffered the journalist of the edition “Now” Volodymyr Ked.

The article States that the premises of the institution a man came and started to sort things out with other visitors. During the argument the man pulled out a hunting rifle and fired at the floor. Present in the pub men robbed the men of arms, but after that he went to the car, which came, took the pistol, went back to the pub again and fired at the floor. The result of the shot one of the visitors was injured right foot.

It should be noted that the shooter left the scene but then turned to their own Obolonsky division of the police Department.

Ветеран АТО устроил стрельбу в кафе, досталось журналисту: подробности ЧП

Recall the details of the attack in Kiev: shot, beaten and “blew out” the gas.

As reported Politeka in the bar began to shoot students, dozens of people fell from the bullets.

Earlier Politeka wrote that the luck of people were shot near a car wash, the criminals still at large.