A “trip” summer for the Vocal Ensemble More

festival-juste-pour-rire-fera(Granby) The members of the Ensemble Vocal More were grinning from ear to ear by these days. On 17 July, they will head to Montreal to attend the Garden choirs organized in the Just for Laughs Festival.

“It is often looking for other places to produce. We sang at the Festival of the Balloon Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, the Relay for Life of Cowansville … There is even grander. In summer, during the holidays too! “Says the president of the assembly, Edith Chaput.

For the second consecutive year, the Garden choirs will allow a dozen choirs (19 this year) to be heard, for nearly two hours in the middle of Place des festivals.

“All choirs are scattered here and there in the” garden “and move people to hear them. This is without a microphone, with a small speaker and our soundtracks. A bit like the edge of a campfire! “Illustrates Ms. Chaput.

A chorister had heard about the event last year, and the Ensemble would not miss his chance to version 2016. “I signed us quickly and we were selected. We then had to send a demo, which confirmed our presence. ”

“A beautiful gang”

The 16 singers from the Vocal Ensemble Plus – adults ranging in age from an average of 40 to 55 years – will therefore be performing Sunday, July 17, 18 am to 20 pm under the musical direction of Lyne Genest.

To reach the best possible festival, they will offer three times the same 25-minute singing tour. “Seven or eight pieces were going to sing we know well, having performed in our concert last May,” said Edith Chaput, referring to passage of a Happy spring (Paul Piche), Anthem (Fred Pellerin and Celine Dion), a summer potpourri and even a collage of Halloween songs.

All served with sauce More Vocal Ensemble, that is to say with good humor and some steppettes to match! “It’s a great gang that likes to sing together, who likes to move, and it shows,” noted the President.

Irritating, it all? “It’s less annoying than when our shows in Granby, as in Montreal, people do not know us. But experience is very exciting for us. One of the singers even changed his vacation to be there! ”

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