A thrilling victory to start the season

voltigeur-sebastien-boucher-attend-patiemmentNo Cubans? No problem for the Champions Ottawa in the opening game of their second season in the Can-Am League.

Their attack was slow to start, but she woke up just in time Thursday night at RCGT park while a resounding two-run homer to Danny Grauer with two outs in the bottom of the ninth produced a gain 4-2 at the expense of New Jersey Jackals.

“You think to do something during the offseason, and do it in such a situation, it feels great, said Grauer, a receiver used as a designated hitter for the occasion. It’s my first walk-off circuit career, I had never had before. It’s something I’ll remember all my life. It is also a big win for us as our hitters are not yet derusted. ”

Grauer was shut in his first three at-bats, but he did not miss the offering of reliever Fernando Cruz while Kenny Bryant was posted at third base after drawing a walk to start the inning.

The men of the manager Hal Lanier trailed 2-0 in the bottom of the eighth when their starting Wilmer Font seemed destined to lose a pitching duel against his counterpart Jackals, John Walter, who blanked Ottawa on two hits before handing the ball to his succession.

“You think to do something during the offseason, and do it in such a situation, it feels great. It’s my first walk-off circuit career. ”
Danny Grauer
Whitened also in his first three appearances, as many strikeouts, shortstop Daniel Bick has however played men of occasions by hitting a triple to the opposite field to produce the two points created equal.

“We faced one of the best pitchers in the league last year in Walter, he was the leader for strikeouts and gave us a hard time. Bick scored the big hit at the right time … Grauer its circuit was a very exciting time, as it always is, no matter what level you are. This is a great victory for us to come from behind like that against a good club, “Lanier analyzed after the game.

Are merely made a small mistake during his six innings of work punctuated with seven strikeouts, but it proved monumental Art Charles tucking away his offering into the right to a two-run homer in top of the sixth. “He’s still very good running, holding on for a handle more than we hoped,” said Lanier.

Optimism reigns

There was an announced crowd of 3484 spectators for the inaugural game, a figure may be somewhat inflated, but bodes quite well for the sophomore team.

The commissioner of the Can-Am League, majority team owner Miles Wolff hopes averaging about 3,000 fans per game to complete the team’s budget. This is as always very optimistic on the eve of another season.

“Every year is different, you open the doors and you hope that people will come. I think we have a better team than last year and we can hope to make the playoffs, but one is never sure what will happen. It’s the same with the weather, “said Wolff, who hopes to solidify the franchise in this second campaign to potentially find a local investor to take his place.

Regarding the two Cubans who were loaned to the Champions this season, they had originally come Thursday, but it appears that they still paperwork to complete in Havana before flying to the capital. Wolff hopes that the first goal and Alexander Malleta third goal Donal Duarte will make the trip on Friday or Saturday. So there are chances that they are not involved in this series of five games against the Jackals, which will continue until Monday.

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