A terrifying force began to kill the cats shrug, footage of the Apocalypse

Страшная стихия начала убивать: спасатели разводят руками, кадры апокалипсиса

Storm is raging in Spain, and there fell a record amount of precipitation

In the South-East of Spain, over a period of more than a century, it pours rain and heavy wind. Reported by the AP. Was that the country switched to the alarm mode due to excessive rainfall:

“The wife and husband who were in their 70s, were found dead in an upside-down car, related streams of water,” reported the first casualties in the regional service of emergency situations.

The tragedy occurred in the city of kaudo is approximately 100 kilometres South of Valencia.
According to experts, rainfall is up to 180 mm in 24 hours, say in the weather service AEMET:

“The region has identified as” extremely risky. Human language — 300 liters of rain per square metre fell in just a day in Ontinyent South of Valencia, where the river Clariano flooded the streets on Wednesday evening “.

AEMET says that precipitation is the strongest of those that were recorded in the region since 1917. In General, the storm passed Mediterranean coast of Valencia, Alicante, Murcia.

Footage from the scene speak for themselves — a terrible flood, people are in a panic.

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Earlier it was reported that 30 people died in a raging hurricane in the Bahamas. “Dorian” has ruined the region clean – all flooded, upset, broken, parents looking for their children who may – bury family:

“The number may grow significantly, because there are still thousands of people are currently unaccounted for,” said the authorities of the Bahamas.

At the same time, it is reported that it was succeeded to rescue more than 300 people — the U.S. coast guard continues to work in the region.

It is reported that according to estimates of the authorities on liquidation of consequences of hurricane will need millions of dollars.

“Dorian” has caused floods, tore roofs from homes and knocked down trees, States based in Miami (USA) national hurricane center. The statement also volunteer organizations Fire & Rescue said the storm “Dorian” inflicted “catastrophic damage” to several Islands in the Bahamas. Meteorologists are afraid of the factual material about the so-called black holes formed as a result of the hurricane, the sky literally turned black — terrifying.

Recall that the elements raged in Ukraine, there are victims.

As reported Politeka, the ferocious elements claimed the lives of five: “rescuers pull dead body.”

Also Politeka wrote that powerful element removes the city from the face of the earth: 63 dead.