A terrible incident shook the Ukraine: “shot right in the middle of the city,” details

Страшное ЧП всколыхнуло Украину: "отстреливался прямо посреди города", подробности

September 20 in Chernivtsi there was a major accident: the driver in a drunken state ran into the house and began to shoot from the police

Peace of Chernivtsi violated the real action is. Right in the middle of the city, the car driven by the drunk driver that crashed into a house, after which shots rang out. As it turned out, a grief-the driver tried to leave the scene and “fired” from the police who tried to detain him.

All this happened around 13:00 — in broad daylight — on Ruska in Chernivtsi.

Страшное ЧП всколыхнуло Украину: "отстреливался прямо посреди города", подробности

There’s a Mitsubishi car at high speed flew off the road on a curve and crashed into the window of a lottery institution. At the wheel foreign cars there was a 60-year-old man.

Страшное ЧП всколыхнуло Украину: "отстреливался прямо посреди города", подробности

Witnesses of the accident became the spouses of police officers. At that time they were not on duty. The man — the inspector of the first company of the patrol police of Chernivtsi. He stepped in, heading to the driver. However, the driver was going to flee the scene. Seeing this, the police warned drunk husband not to do it, to which he responded in an unusual fashion: he took a gun and deliberately recharged it.

Страшное ЧП всколыхнуло Украину: "отстреливался прямо посреди города", подробности

The patrol tried to disarm the driver, who reacted to this shot in the air. Fortunately, the witnesses knocked the weapons out of the hands of the driver, ran to help the inspector. His wife had to call an ambulance and police crew.

Later a test was conducted on the driver alcohol content in the blood. Examination showed of 0.73 ppm. The driver was detained and transferred is investigative-task force.

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Posted by Patrol polca Chernozem region on Friday, September 20, 2019

In fact the incident the police opened criminal proceedings under article “Hooliganism”, which provides imprisonment for the term from 3 till 7 years. Now pre-judicial investigation proceeds.

Also earlier it was reported that in the Poltava region there was a terrible accident, which killed people.

Thus, it became known that in the village of ol’shanka Lubensky district, an accident with trucks. About it reports a press-service of the police.

So, in the message it was said that the accident occurred on 19 September at 21:00 on the 202 kilometer of the road “Kyiv — Kharkiv”. They faced two trucks brand IVECO and VOLVO. The passenger of the IVECO car from traumatized died on the spot. He was born in the city of Kharkiv 10982 year of birth. The driver of the IVECO and the VOLVO driver with various injuries were taken to the hospital. Now they are given all necessary medical care. Their life is not in danger.

Страшное ЧП всколыхнуло Украину: "отстреливался прямо посреди города", подробности

Police said that information about the accident was entered into the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations as regards 2 articles 286 of the criminal code of Ukraine (Violation of rules of traffic safety, entailed death of the victim or caused heavy injury). The sanction of article prescribes punishment in the form of imprisonment for the term from 3 till 8 years with deprivation of the right to drive vehicles for up to 3 years or without it.

The police establishes all the details of the incident.

We recall the tragic incident occurred in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

As reported Politeka fatal accident with children occurred near Kiev, “no chance.”

Also Politeka wrote that in a terrible accident in the Kharkiv region ended the life of a young girl.