A terrible fate befell her friends in the capital: “I was so young”, the details of the tragedy

Страшная участь постигла подруг в столице: «была еще так молода», детали трагедии

Armed with inadequate assaulted women in his apartment, and the hotel– the incident occurred on the eve

In Sydney, Australia has been a terrifying incident. Sick man with a knife attacked two women. This publication reports the Sydney Morning Herald, own the plot publc th TSN:

“Killed 21-year-old woman, she was a worker in the sex industry, and the assailant was familiar with it”. The crime the man committed in his own apartment. It is known that on the fateful evening the deceased was her friend — 41-year-old woman was seriously injured, she was also attacked by armed men, but in the hotel:

“The other woman he stabbed in the hotel. 41-year-old victim was hospitalized,” — said the local media operatives.

The police managed to identify the assailant, they found 21-year-old MERT It:

“After the man committed atrocities ran down the street and shouted: “Allahu Akbar”, but it is not associated with terrorist organizations”, — said operatives.

It is also known that the attacker just grabbed passers-by in the street, next to the neutralization of inadequate joined the police found out that earlier the attacker had mental health problems.

Recall the brutal attack suffered by two women – the tragedy has occurred directly on a stop of public transport.

On one of the bus stops of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States armed Nimrod attacked women with a knife in his hand. This is referred to in the message channel KDKA:

“A police officer working undercover, found women sleeping on the bench of the bus stop. He spoke to them, and at that moment they approached a man with a knife in his hand.” After, the real chaos began:

“Armed dealt a fatal blow to one of the women, and then slashed with machetes the other one.”

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Local investigators immediately announced that as a result of attack one woman was killed and another was wounded.

Страшная участь постигла подруг в столице: «была еще так молода», детали трагедии

It is known that the attack was recorded on Thursday, August 8 at about 11:30 local time:

“It all happened in front of patrolling district police officer. The latter pounced on the assailant and knocked him to the sidewalk, then law enforcement began to provide emergency medical assistance to the wounded woman.” It is also known that the deceased and the injured women wore the hijab.

We also recall the tragedy with the young men broke out on the eve and shook the country. Two tourists shot during the holidays, their bodies dumped on the side of the highway. A terrible accident happened in Canada — in the North of British Columbia.

“Found dead near their parked van”. It is known that the police started the investigation into the deaths of tourists. Young people were killed – a pair of travellers 24-year-old American Hinn Deasy and 23-year-old Australian Lucas Fowler. Moreover, from Australia to Canada arrived the father of the deceased. Male police officer and will participate in the investigation of the death of his son.

Recall that in the amusement Park tragedy on the carousel: we know about the victims.

As reported Politeka popular entertainment for children was almost turned into tragedy in Odessa.

Also Politeka wrote that the monster took the life of a little girl, creepy details.