A terrible explosion occurred near the airport, bloody bodies everywhere: smoke to the heavens, video

Страшный взрыв прогремел возле аэропорта, повсюду окровавленные тела: дым до небес, видео

The incident occurred at the station on waste recycling at the airport in the Austrian city of Linz

There was an explosion, the cause of which is still unknown. On a place of incident there arrived 250 firefighters. Nine people were injured in the blast, three in serious condition.

Austrian police advised local residents to stay at home with the Windows closed.

Страшный взрыв прогремел возле аэропорта, повсюду окровавленные тела: дым до небес, видео

Recently at the entrance to the University of Kabul there was a large-scale emergency:

“The explosion occurred at a time when students were waiting for the exam at the University. The explosion burned two cars, police defused a second explosive, which was founded near educational institutions.”

Chaos has gripped the area know about the casualties:

“At least eight people were killed and 33 were injured in the July 19 explosion at the entrance to the University of Kabul.”

The police are looking for clues to understand, was attacked by a suicide bomber or the explosives were detonated remotely.

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Previously we also reported about the terrible terrorist attack on the gas pipeline. The explosion caused a large fire which with great difficulty has been eliminated. The length of the damaged pipeline is 320 kilometers.

The incident occurred in the province of Shabwa in the South-East of Yemen. There are terrorists blew up the gas pipeline. Failed 320 kilometres of pipeline.

We will remind, powerful explosion rocked Borschagivka Kiev.

We also wrote a powerful explosion alarmed the whole house.

Politeka still reported in Kharkov was an explosion, lots of casualties.