A terrible discovery at the Crimean bridge shocked the world: “the remains of the raise in parts”

Страшная находка у Крымского моста потрясла мир: "останки поднимают по частям"

During the great Patriotic war in Kerch Strait of heavy fighting

Confrontation with the Nazis occurred on land, at sea and in the air. The spot where now stands the Crimean bridge was of strategic importance.

The search engines still find artifacts of those terrible years. Another terrible discovery enthusiasts discovered under the water near the Crimean bridge. We are talking about combat boat of the border guard, the NKVD. Patrol ship sank in 1943.

Страшная находка у Крымского моста потрясла мир: "останки поднимают по частям"

The remains of ships the search engines pick up the parts. It is noted that near the Crimean bridge on the bottom of the Strait lie more than 300 ships sunk in the great Patriotic war.

The news about the sunken boat has not left indifferent the Russians.

“On the eve of may 9 this finding acquires particular significance. Eternal memory to the soldiers,” wrote Twitter user Konstantin Simonov. Other commentators have noted the tremendous work done by search engines, and admired their professionalism.

Length of the bridge Crimea – 19 kilometers.

Car part Krymsky bridge was opened in may last year. After a few months it is expected the launch of the railway crossing.

Страшная находка у Крымского моста потрясла мир: "останки поднимают по частям"

Note that despite the pompous statements, the Russians continue to track the results of the monitoring Kiev Crimean bridge, as Ukraine has consistently sounded the alarm that the structure will collapse. The Kremlin has strongly react to these worrying messages.

“When we published the information about the subsidence of the Crimean bridge on the one hand, and on the other hand, raise the arches, our Russian counterpart began immediately: hohlyatsky trash, fuflomety, etc. And on the third day in Kerch landed a group of Russian scientists, designers of this bridge. Several dozen people immediately started working to figure out what to do”, – said the Deputy head Minot Georgy Tuka.

Recall that the invaders destroyed the card of the Crimea.

As reported Politeka, the astrologer predicted the battles of “cross and Crescent” for the Crimea.

Also Politeka wrote that the United States took the Crimea into the ring.