A teacher publicly humiliated on international childhood cancer, rattles scandal: “brain scratch”

Учительница публично унизила онкобольного ребенка, гремит скандал: "мозгов ноль"

A teacher from a lack of knowledge and the mind have caused a terrible insult to a child who is ill ekologicznym disease

The teacher decided that the disease 13-year-old schoolboy contagious and can be transmitted to other, and push poor boy from the other students. Outrageous event occurred in China in Fujian. Reported Know.

Because of the teacher, the boy named Zhou Saijou, who was previously diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, missed a few tests because supposedly “could infect other children.” Said about it publicly, and the laughter of cruel peers, the child was forced to steer clear at the end of the class.

Учительница публично унизила онкобольного ребенка, гремит скандал: "мозгов ноль"

Zhou recently moved to a new school to be near my parents on recovery time after heavy chemotherapy. The child was hiding the truth about his humiliation, while his father once asked him why he didn’t get the grade for the midterm exam. The boy said that the teacher told him not to take the test because it is contagious. For this reason the child missed three exams.

“You can imagine what went on in the mind of my son during the exam, which lasted 45 minutes? He was forced to sit there like a fool. The extent to which he was not himself?” – outraged father of the boy.

The teacher complained and soon the teacher was rightly fired.

Учительница публично унизила онкобольного ребенка, гремит скандал: "мозгов ноль"

Also earlier it was reported that in one of the schools of Kiev, has arranged an exhibition calling for reconciliation with the Russian invaders.

A strange action was held in school # 255, Kiev. About it told in his Facebook volunteer Roman Sinitsin.

He shared photos of the exhibition of children’s drawings, which are appeals to the world with the country-aggressor. In particular, the flags of Ukraine and Russia they depicted next to such inscriptions as “We do not want war” and “Children for peace”.

“Who is there tagati in the first place: the region, the SBU, Klitschko?”, — asked the volunteer.

In the comments to his post sparked a lively debate about whether such exhibition in the country where there is war. Thus, some believe that these drawings were an initiative of the children themselves and don’t see anything bad in them.

We will remind, scandal in the Lviv school.

As reported Politeka, Ukrainian schoolchildren were forced to learn the language of invaders, booming scandal.

Also Politeka wrote about the scandal in the Ukrainian school children forced to sing “Katyusha” and look at Putin.