A “super nurse” in Cheneville in June

1198622Cooperative health of northern Petite-Nation (CSNPN) in Cheneville, will host its specialized nurse practitioner (IPS). However, the new employee expected for nearly a year will not be hired through the pilot interprofessional Federation of Quebec (FIQ), learned the law.

Rather, the Integrated Health and Social Services Centre of Ottawa (CISSSO) that will deploy in June a part time person within the facility located at Chénéville.

For now, the specialist nurse will work at least one day a week at the clinic of the cooperative. A service agreement with the precise details of the application must be completed by the end of May.

The super-nurse in question will provide primary care to patients with chronic and common health problems, without requiring physical presence of a doctor on the premises.

She will work with Dr. Mathieu Guilbault who encounter patients one weekend per month since January, with indoor built in the former convent of the village.

It also means that the subsidy granted in June 2015 to transform the FIQ establishing Cheneville in nearby clinic will not be necessary.

The cooperative was awarded a grant of $ 75,000 for hiring an IPS, as part of a pilot project that would allow the resource to work three days a week for a period of 12 months.

The spokesman CISSSO, Genevieve C0te, contends that the criteria required by the pilot of the FIQ can not be achieved in the current context of the shortage of IPS graduates across Quebec. The CISSSO instead opted for short-term reorganization of services.

“We will fill the need that way by getting someone in our workforce and we will continue to recruit to come up with a permanent resource in the future. We have a candidate trainee under will be with us this summer and we have two other potential candidates who have completed their training in 2017, “says Côté.

The president of the CSNPN Lise Villeneuve, would in turn liked the pilot project materializes, but considers however that this solution will be more beneficial in the long term to the north of Little Nation.

“What is very interesting for us is that a research project is precarious. As long as you are in the project, the service is available, but it is unclear if there would have been funding when it was finished. There is talk of a super nurse who is deployed in our offices on a continuous basis. It ensures the continuity of the service, “she said.

According to figures provided by the CISSSO, only 14 of 30 IPS posts authorized for the Outaouais are currently filled.

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