A summer home for Ben Milot

benoit-milot-donnera-tout-premier(Trois-Rivieres) Retained outside the country most of the year, the specialist Ben Milot motocross is not often the chance to perform before the Quebec amateur.

His most fervent supporters Mauritians have just the chance to see in action this weekend as he will be on display at the 31st Festival of speckled trout of Saint-Alexis-des-Monts.

“It will be the first time I do a show there. It’s not bad announces the fun with a perfect audience for us, “said the daredevil Yamachiche will happen as part of the competition Tire costs.

Milot returned home in late May after another nine-month stay in Macau in China, where it is on display in the House of Dancing Water show of renowned Franco Dragone. It is now four years that plying his trade at the heart of this project. Before returning home, he also signed a contract for another year in the world of Chinese show.

“It allows me to do motocross all year long in two completely different styles. Initially, I did not expect to stay as long as it in China, but people seem to like what I do and I like it a lot too, “said the 33 year old driver who takes over Saturday Track the stroke of 18 pm with Mike Ouellet.

In addition to his stop in Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, Milot and his team will be performing at Trois-Rivieres, twice daily from 7 to 16 July as part of the 111th edition of the annual agricultural exhibition .

“I love producing my home in Trois-Rivieres because it is one of the biggest shows of the year we do in terms of production,” says Milot about his 20 shows scheduled in the city of Laviolette .

Artists motocross are also expected to Saint-Aime-des-Lacs, Brockville, Cote-Saint-Luc, Rimouski and Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce by the end of summer.

Milot then will head to China on 26 August.

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