A strong stream of water washed away the child in the Crimea: scenes of the tragedy

Сильный поток воды смыл ребенка в Крыму: кадры трагедии

A powerful wave knocked down the boy and carried right under the wheels of the car

Heavy rain almost caused the terrible tragedy, which could hurt the child.

The incident occurred in the occupied Sevastopol. There was careering along the road, the strong water flow. The roadway tried to move the boy. However, he failed. The water flow was so powerful that it knocked him off his feet, writes the Correspondent.

Сильный поток воды смыл ребенка в Крыму: кадры трагедии

The boy suffered directly under the wheels going to meet him car.

The incident was filmed on video the trolley. The video shows that the driver of the car pulls away, the boy did not hit him under the wheels.

At this time, to help the boy ran passenger bus and trolleybus driver. They picked up the baby and carried him to a safe place.

As previously reported, in the Russian city of Sochi from-for rains the water flows into the sea carried away the whole family.

“When we talk about problems with drainage, we obviously don’t know what we’re talking about. Father, mother and their two children swept into the sea in the vicinity of Sochi. The powerful stream of water was picked up and spun people – a woman managed to escape, the father was found later, but for children.. kids still looking for”, reports telegrams-channel Mash.

Missing girl and boy – 4 years and 15 years respectively. Rescuers do not lose hope, despite the darkness.

Сильный поток воды смыл ребенка в Крыму: кадры трагедии

In addition, in the Lazarev district of Sochi, there was another tragedy. After heavy rain the roads were flooded, the water disappeared and sewage disposal. One of them failed seven-year-old boy who was walking with his grandmother.

The footage on the network made by the witnesses, is seen as a woman calling for help, but passers-by can’t help. The child was carried away by the water flow.

“Near the child’s grandmother jumped into the water and tried to retrieve his grandson, but his over took in the sea”, — stated in the message of the police.

Later the boy’s body found in the sea, where he was taken out by storm sewer.

We will remind, the Ukrainian city covered the threatening element, paralyzing the work of the sewage pumping station.

As reported Politeka, Ukrainians suffer from the treacherous elements, which this time fell on the Dnipro.

Also Politeka wrote that forecasters again guessed wrong with the forecast, the Ukrainian resort flooded powerful shower.