A stroke attacks the people around the world: there’s only one way to defeat the disease

Инсульт атакует людей по всему миру: есть только один способ победить недуг

Stroke is a major cause of disability and mortality in the world and in Ukraine. So today, October 29, the world celebrates the Day against stroke

Acting Minister of health Suprun reminded of the terrible consequences of this disease and told how to protect themselves from it.

Инсульт атакует людей по всему миру: есть только один способ победить недуг

According to her, the effects of a stroke can be paralysis of the limbs, vision loss, gait disorders, speech and mental functions. in 90% of cases of stroke cause specific risk factors that can be prevented. It is a chronic cardiovascular disease (particularly hypertension), diabetes, Smoking, overweight, alcohol abuse, stress and lack of physical activity.

“It is therefore essential to take care of a healthy way of life and, necessarily, to consult regularly with your doctor. A specialist can determine the risk factors for stroke, calculate its probability in 5-10 years and to advise how to reduce the risk of disease by 50-80%,” — explains the doctor.

She noted that one of the biggest risk factors for stroke is hypertension. This disease when blood pressure rises and lasts a long time at a high level. Today there is no other way to prevent complications of hypertension (and it’s not only stroke and heart attack, kidney damage, vascular dementia, etc.) in addition to following a healthy lifestyle and regular medical treatment. Constant medication is to normalize the pressure. For this you need to regularly take medications prescribed by the doctor.

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Инсульт атакует людей по всему миру: есть только один способ победить недуг

“Now in Ukraine the construction of the national system of Stroke care remains a pressing issue. Help with stroke should be a continuous chain of medical interventions — from identification of disease and delivery of the patient to the hospital up to a maximum recovery or full recovery of the patient,” — said the head of the Ministry of health.

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