A star of mexican soap operas slap violently a reporter on a red carpet – Here

Eduardo Yanez is a star in Mexico, where it has been collecting roles in soap operas on television. The actor has just acquired a worldwide reputation in a bad way, by hitting a reporter who asked him a question in the way when a red carpet.

He wanted to settle his accounts immediately, Eduardo Yanez was a little zapped as he was surrounded by at least 36 cameras, filming from all angles, passing on a red carpet. Star of multiple soap operas in Mexico, the actor is going to have to explain himself before the justice after violently hit a reporter in the face at a party.

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As shown in the video obtained TMZ, Paco Fuentes, a journalist of the channel Univision, asked Eduardo Yanez if he does not feel bad that his son be forced to ask for money on a page on GoFundMe to repair her car, so that the actor is immensely.

The tone is quickly mounted, since the star mexican, who has a strained relationship with his son, has not really appreciated the comments of the reporter. After a few seconds, Eduardo Yanez has, therefore, decided to slap Paco Fuentes, ushering in a silence of cathedral in the event of a socialite.

According to TMZ, the reporter assaulted has filed a complaint and Eduardo Yanez risk six months in prison after this gap violent. The latter has since apologized : “I want to present my sincere apologies to the public and the person affected by my action. This was not good. My privacy is not for sale “.

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