A split in the party “servant of the people”: Zelensky gave the whole truth, “a year…”

Раскол в партии "Слуга народа": Зеленский выдал всю правду, "через год..."

President Vladimir Zelensky at a press marathon spoke about a possible split in the party “servant of the people”

The head of state noted that he would like to keep the political force in complete and amicable composition, without conflict.

“I don’t want to break this party. They know my attitude. If they start to “eat” each other I have them in a year will dissolve,” said he.

Zelensky also mentioned to the MP SN Alexander Dubinsky that the issues of cooperation between Ukraine and the IMF are the issues of government.

Раскол в партии "Слуга народа": Зеленский выдал всю правду, "через год..."

Previously, Dubinsky stated that we are a country under the control of the IMF which here provides suitable conditions for entry into the country to transnational corporations and their return of investment to Ukraine, and ensuring desired profit margins at the expense of Stripping markets.

According to him, the Verkhovna Rada completely dependent on the IMF. Answering the question of how dependent the Cabinet, he replied that all decisions are coordinated with the Office of the President, and only then start to work.

Dubinsky noted that if simplified, the IMF said: we’ll give you a billion or two or three, and will not ask you where you get to them, just sell land, roads, ports and airports.

“And @UY such tranche? So, we are a Republic under the control of the club’s creditors, who represents the IMF,” he said.

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Раскол в партии "Слуга народа": Зеленский выдал всю правду, "через год..."

10 Oct Zelensky gave an ultimatum to the Parliament and gave the MPs two years on the adoption of vital importance for Ukraine of the laws.

“All the leaders applauded the speed with which we work… they All know that if we during the first two years take all conceptual laws we do not accept. It passed all the countries of the world. So I told the members of Parliament, better than in the first reading to adopt the law, then the Committee to remove all errors”, – stressed the head of state.

We will remind, eks-the President of Poland gave advice Zelensky.

We also wrote, Zelenski advocated for the interests of investors.

Even politeka reported, Zelensky told in detail about the calls, trump.