A soft quest for harmony

ann-saint-gelais-fiere-toilesIf we could bathe in a canvas, that of Ann Saint-Gelais represent the ideal way to achieve this utopia.

Those clinging to the art gallery La Corniche Chicoutimi, until June 16, indeed give taste to succumb to reverie, to surrender to the charms of a summer that has been so slow in coming.

The tone is decidedly sweet, even in works that plunge headlong into abstraction. Sometimes, we think we recognize a pond, aquatic flowers. The word believe is appropriate, since the 24 works created over the past two years are shrouded in a kind of cottony blur.

Occasionally an interview last Thursday, just hours before the opening of his exhibition, Ann Saint-Gelais said she lived at the edge of the Saguenay. The fog which covers the rivers, especially in the morning, became a faithful companion. No wonder we find traces in his paintings.

“My new works are inspired by nature. I impressionist my way and that’s why I love working on the water reflection, mesh figuration and abstraction, “said the artist from Chicoutimi.

Praise blur

Ann Saint-Gelais painted slowly. He sometimes take a year to complete a canvas, the time to find it in the right emotion, a form of truth that will express its proven technology. “I am influenced by what I saw, my emotions, perceptions that I can make out,” explains the artist.

She who speaks softly, in the manner of his works, perfectly fulfills its bias in favor of beauty, harmony. It appears that under the surface of some tables are hiding dark images, sad that détonneraient within the exhibition. It is with relief, almost, that the lady took them away.

“There are hard times, things I do not want to show. I seek to transcend presenting luminous works. I know in the world of art, it is fashionable to paint atrocious scenes, images of war. This is not the memory I want to leave, “says Ann Saint-Gelais.

Each creative phase leads to new tracks and among those seen unfold in La Corniche, there are those pink and purple hues that have found their way on some paintings. “They say that pink is a color that heals. I needed that light this year, perhaps for appeasement, “she suggests.

Another work, this latest batch, points the finger to the next steps. “It’s blue with a red dot, all within oneself. And just above, there are two somewhat abstract characters. They look a green heart, which is hopeful, “suggests the Chicoutimienne.

There is something Asiatic in his quest for harmony and a spiritual dimension contained a hint, which makes it all the more eloquent. And this is where comes the mist mentioned earlier, as well as blur, his twin brother. “I still need to put. This is the filter between me and the painting “admits Ann Saint-Gelais.

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