A sniper killed the Ukrainian military: “to Die in battle is an honor”

Снайпер убил украинского военного: «Погибнуть в бою – честь»

The soldier returned to the front after being wounded a few days ago

A few hours before the death of Anton made a post in Facebook, where as if had a premonition of the worst.

25-year-old fighter with the call sign “pit Bull” was shot by an enemy sniper near Novozvanovka in Luhansk. The bullet hit the Ukrainian military in the neck. The guy just got back to the front field injuries, according to TSN.

Снайпер убил украинского военного: «Погибнуть в бою – честь»

Just a few hours before his death he made an entry in the social network.


“Don’t die twice. No double kill!!! To die in Battle is HONOR!!!”, – wrote the defender of Ukraine.

As previously reported, the network appeared the photo of the Donetsk terrorists, who “stung by a wasp”, with the result that he became a “cargo 200”. This was reported by APU officer Anatoly Stefan ridiculous.

“31.03.19 another fighter. Ilnur “Tartar” Ziganshin 9 omsp. the city Ulyanovsk, Russia. Stung by a sniper Wasps”, he said.

Note that the published photo shows the terrorist who poses with a gun in his hand and with a stripe of militants “DNR”.

Earlier we talked about the fact that one of the positions near the settlement the gold in the Luhansk region, the militants systematically provoked the Ukrainian military of firing different types of weapons, in most cases, prohibited by the Minsk agreements.

As a result of planned operation and adequate response to the provocations of invaders, the warriors of 54 Ombre with the support of battle groups K-2, destroyed this position, and she no longer worried.

Снайпер убил украинского военного: «Погибнуть в бою – честь»

According to intelligence reports the loss of the invaders amounted to three people. “And four are licking their wounds,” wrote the social network officer Anatoly Stefan.

“For tolerant and cheesecakes that I want to write about houses and civilians. These premises have long been occupation troops, expelling people and making positions, trenches, bunkers and trenches straight between the houses. Where did the attacks not only of units OS and nearby settlements to discredit the armed forces of Ukraine”, — he wrote.

Recall that the militants went on the attack in OOS: began a hard battle, APU stood.

As reported Politeka, Mat magically defeated the militants in OOS: there were details and video bright attack.

Earlier Politeka wrote that the APU is to give teeth to the Russians on the front: “big losses”, reveals the details of the success of environmental protection.