A single product will help to lose weight “available to all”

Один-единственный продукт поможет похудеть: «доступный всем»

People who regularly leaned on this product, ate less and thus get rid of extra pounds

Soon begins the beach season, and many only begin to wonder how they might get rid of gained during the winter weight.

Nutritionists from the American Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has conducted a number of studies and found that to return the slender waist will help product that is available to all. It walnuts, the newspaper writes AIF-Health.

Один-единственный продукт поможет похудеть: «доступный всем»

Walnuts will help get rid of extra pounds, despite the fact that contain large amounts of fats and very high in calories.

According to experts, nuts are very quickly saturate. In this regard, the person does not want to eat much food, he eats less and begins to lose weight.

Nutritionists conducted the experiment. People with excess weight five days drank a cocktail of 48 grams of walnuts. After 30 days eat as they used to. Then again five days used special walnut cocktail.

In the end, using MRI, the specialists found that subjects after making cocktail quickly satisfy hunger and stop eating a lot. As a result, this contributed to efficient weight loss.

As previously reported, there is a better way to lose weight, the result is impressive.

This system has been tested thousands of people around the world. We offer you to take the challenge and change your body in just 4 minutes a day

This exercise is the most effective for strengthening the middle part of the body. Plate is used in the program known star coaches and no wonder, because it helps to remove excess fat from the stomach, strengthens the inner and outer back muscles, buttock muscles and the muscles of the legs and hands.

Plank is a static exercise that does not require any unnecessary movements. At run time, the muscles will not be reduced, they will be reinforced from the inside and becomes more robust.

Один-единственный продукт поможет похудеть: «доступный всем»

The principle of program-based Strap

A gradual increase in the time that you spend on it within 4 weeks. To start stand in the strap need 4 seconds, and at the end of this complex you will easily be able to stand for 4 minutes.

The result

Thanks to this program, your body will become stronger and more beautiful, the muscles will begin to stand out. Passing this way, it will be easier to train and to carry heavier loads.

How to perform?

To achieve maximum results, it is important the correct execution of the exercise. During the modules must be in a horizontal position. Your upper body should resemble a straight line when you get on your elbows and toes. Suck in your stomach, head straight up. Tense your glutes and don’t let go until the end of the execution of the approach. Transfer the body weight on your elbows and feet evenly.

The program for 28 days:

Day 1 — 20 seconds

Day 2 — 20 seconds

Day 3 — 30 seconds

Day 4 — 30 seconds

Day 5 — 40 seconds

Day 6 — Rest

Day 7 — 45 seconds

Day 8 — 45 seconds

Day 9 — 60 seconds

Day 10 — 60 seconds

Day 11 — 60 seconds

Day 12 — 90 seconds

Day 13 — Rest

Day 14 — 90 seconds

Day 15 — 90 seconds

Day 16 — 120 seconds

Day 17 — 120 seconds

Day 18 — 150 seconds

Day 19 — Rest

Day 20 — 150 seconds

Day 21 — 150 seconds

Day 22 — 180 seconds

Day 23 — 180 seconds

Day 24 — 210 seconds

Day 25 — Rest

Day 26 — 210 seconds

Day 27 — 240 seconds

Day 28 — Keep as much as you can.

We will remind that doctors have called the most useful nut.

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