A simple way to maintain mental health

Простой способ сохранить психическое здоровье

American scientists from Columbia University have made a view that man is very useful looking at himself in the mirror. It promotes emotional and psychological health, which is particularly important during aging, experts noted.

Researchers have conducted an experiment that showed that people, for a long time stays in the room, devoid of mirrors, start the meeting with other people to shun them and lose the acquired skills of communication. Scientists say that the habit to look in the mirror not only contributes to the maintenance of such qualities as sociability, but also helps to improve the ability to establish contacts, which is especially important for the psyche and health in aging.

“Mirror mimics personal contact with other people and allows us to understand what we see. Therefore, the mirror helps the individual to regulate their own emotions and habits and use them in contact with others,” commented the authors.

Also, mirrors are a tool of self-criticism and a means of identifying certain disorders, e.g. depression and increased anxiety. According to the researchers, the ratio of its reflection depends on the state of human health – so we see ourselves in the mirror differently.


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