A sharp appreciation of the communal! Zelensky have reported bad news. Date X soon

Резкое подорожание коммуналки! У Зеленского сообщили плохие новости. Дата Х уже скоро

Ukrainians should be prepared for the unpredictable electricity prices from 1 July 2019

In an interview with reporters said the expert and the representative of the President in the Cabinet of Ministers Andriy Gerus, convey the Facts.ICTV.

According to him, the prices can sharply fly up for ordinary people immediately after the start of electricity market in Ukraine.

Резкое подорожание коммуналки! У Зеленского сообщили плохие новости. Дата Х уже скоро

Andrew Gerus submits that the sharp rise in the cost of electricity can be the case if the state does not finalize until the end of the rules of the energy market, which should be launched on 1 July 2019.

“It was not undertaken no preparatory work in order to monopolize the market, so did the competition. When the two groups of companies have 90% of electricity generation, it is clear that they can agree among themselves, and set any price. The consequences can be very serious, and today they are not fully predictable”, — said the expert.

In addition, the representative of President Vladimir Zelensky government urged to postpone the launch of the energy market in Ukraine and noted that it is better “not to play such dangerous game.”

“This is why you should not play such dangerous games. It is better to delay the introduction of new energy market rules, test them and develop them further”, — the expert summed up Andrey Gerus.

It is worth noting that the world Bank, EBRD, delegation of the European Union and the European investment Bank (EIB) in Ukraine also urged Ukraine to postpone the launch of the energy market.

Резкое подорожание коммуналки! У Зеленского сообщили плохие новости. Дата Х уже скоро

Previously, we reported that Ukrainians will face new bills for communal. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine agreed on new approaches to calculation of tariffs for utilities. In the calculation of rates will not be able to take into account the current costs of maintenance or installation of meters.

According to the proposal of the Ministry of regional development, tariffs for housing and communal services shall be calculated on the basis of economically justified level, and can be revised several times a year. The document States that the economically justified level includes the cost of the resource (e.g. gas or electricity) and the cost of utilities.

Recall how to apply for a grant and what to do in case of failure.

As reported Politeka, there are new rules for the payment of subsidies to citizens.

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainians will change subsidies for utilities.