A series of explosions rocked a popular resort: all in the fire, in the city of panic

Серия взрывов всколыхнула популярный курорт: все в огне, в городе паника

A series of explosions caused a stir in the city

Note the explosions in Istanbul associated with the repair of electric networks. It is reported DHA.

Despite the panic, no information on casualties.

“During repairs to the electric lines in the area of Sirinevler due to system overload, explosions occurred. As a result, among the residents there was panic”, — said the Agency.

Серия взрывов всколыхнула популярный курорт: все в огне, в городе паника

AC repair services in the Turkish city continues.

As previously reported, in the Donbas, a massive explosion, the city began to panic. 31 July in the occupied Horlivka in the Donbas, a massive explosion. About this said on Twitter user under the name Vel East:

“I stand this morning in the kitchen by the window, in the hands of hot tea, looking over the city. And then on the horizon grows gray-blue “fungus”. But after a few seconds the shock wave. Hot tea on me I’m far from being by the window, all the cars have the howling alarm. Photo only a minute later did.”

The author of the publication noted that the explosion occurred at 9 am. The incident happened in the residential district “Builder”, where units of illegal armed groups. Residents of Gorlovka and just users began to discuss the situation, people are very scared of the incident.

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All the news

Earlier it was reported that a powerful explosion occurred in the occupied Donetsk. The incident occurred on Saturday, July 27, in the evening, but information about the leadership of the militants tried to hide it, so the explosion only became known a few days later.

Серия взрывов всколыхнула популярный курорт: все в огне, в городе паника

The explosion occurred at about 23:20 between Kuprin and Clinical — a car exploded.

“The place at once there arrived the military police, and after police cordoned off all — no one is allowed… Say in the car was drunk fighters”, — is told in the message on the page “Department of propaganda DNR” on Twitter.

We will remind, powerful explosion occurred in the office of mayor of the capital, there are victims: there are the details of the tragedy.

As reported Politeka, the man opened fire on the crowd in Kiev, explosion thundered: “spilled a lot of blood.”

Also Politeka wrote that the resounding explosion occurred in Kharkov: the first details and photos from the scene.