A sedentary lifestyle is dangerous for the brain: how to protect yourself from the terrible effects

Сидячий образ жизни опасен для мозга: как уберечься от ужасных последствий

Scientists have discovered how a sedentary lifestyle affects the human brain

A sedentary lifestyle disrupts blood flow to the brain – this discovery was made by scientists from the University of Liverpool John Moores. The conclusion was confirmed by the results of the experiment with participation of volunteers.

Сидячий образ жизни опасен для мозга: как уберечься от ужасных последствий

Long stay in a fixed position injurious to health. In addition to weight gain, you may experience back pain, leg problems and other troubles. But only recently experts have identified another dangerous consequence of the disruption of blood flow to the brain. In the long term it can lead to neurological disorders and dementia.

In a study by British scientists took part 15 persons whose work required long sitting in one place. They regularly visited the laboratory where their condition recorded instruments. The flow of blood to the brain according to the method of ultrasonic diagnostics, and a special mask helped to determine the level of carbon dioxide in exhaled air.

The first time volunteers were asked to sit in a chair for four hours, allowed to stand up only to visit the toilet. In the second stage the participants were up every half hour and within two minutes walking on the treadmill. During the third stage, the men sat for two hours, then eight minutes did on the track and dropped back to the chair.

It turned out that blood flow decreased in all the volunteers during all three phases of the experiment. But physical activity is restored to normal condition of the body. It is best felt by those who were doing short exercises every 30 minutes.

Сидячий образ жизни опасен для мозга: как уберечься от ужасных последствий

Recall about five exercises that will make the brain work

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Exercises for the brain is made up of simple and enjoyable movements. These exercises can be performed for adults and children, they stimulate, tone, relieve fatigue, heaviness in the head, help to cope with the undesirable in the moment, sleepiness, sharpen attention and memory, and also greatly enhance the ability to concentrate on the job.

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