A second more festive edition

bob-bissonnetteThe Event The 50 hours of Saint-Jean in the Saguenay setting groups “much more festive” for its second edition, on 23 and 24 June in Saint-Honoré, with Bob Bissonnette and Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project as heads of poster.

“Last year, we had a little more pop trend to please Mr. and Mrs. All-the-World. There, it was decided to have one more festival atmosphere, almost party animal. Our target audience is 18-35 year olds. Competition is fierce in Saint-Jean-Baptiste, there are several local festivals subsidized, but there is almost nothing for this age group, “says Nicolas Plante promoter.

The organizer wishes to host 4,000 people on the site, a field area Martingale on Lake Road. In 2015, about 2,000 festivalgoers were presented. “We have already sold almost 1,000 tickets in advance is excellent. The first year, we had really tasted with the weather with 50 mm of rain, winds of 80 km / h and a temperature of 10 degrees. Here, we hope to be a little lucky! ”

Four groups of the region

Musical performances, fifteen in total, starting 20: 30 pm Thursday and 13 pm Friday and ended at dawn.

The organization also wished to invite four groups of the region, clock running Simard, Pink Pistols, BIG 3 and FanterA, a tribute to PanterA. “Even if there are other festivals in Quebec, we managed to have almost everyone we wanted taking it early,” says Nicolas Plante.

Safety remains very important for the organizers, he said. “Before, there were several illegal partys who were left and right. We want to be a gathering place for all those people and mentor. It works with the Sûreté du Québec, the municipality, community organizations, street workers, first responders … We also hired security agents. And as we are in a large field, there is not much to break! ”

50 hours of Saint-Jean also want an “affordable and accessible” event. The watchword has been given to street food trucks to provide meals “not too expensive” and the beers will be sold for less than three dollars. The package costs $ 35 for two days of performances and include $ 45 for camping.

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