A second life for the CHAR

ferme-depuis-25-ans-centreClosed for 25 years, the historical and Aquatic Centre Roberval (CHAR) reborn. The site will house the Historical Society and Archives Centre Domaine-du-Roy. A permanent exhibition there will also be presented. One million dollars will be invested to make the project happen.

About 75% of the building will be occupied by these organisms.

“It’s a super nice project. six months working there. This will revaluing for the site. It’s interesting to have something related to the history and heritage within this building. It will provide economic activity in that sector and it opens all sorts of other possibilities, “said Mayor Guy Larouche.

Adjustments will be made inside the building. The huge submarine that is in the central area will be removed to make way for an archive center on two floors. A permanent historical exhibition will also be erected.

“We are also preparing for the transition to digital and we need space. Local crossing no longer sufficient and a solution was sought for a long time. It will also allow us to eventually provide services to private for archiving. ”

The outcome of the project is conditional on obtaining grants. Roberval City Council has placed demands on the federal and provincial governments. “We will move forward once we have confirmation of our governments and the rest will be borne by the city. You will see that it is not we who will delay the project, “said the one.

Rental costs will be borne by the MRC Domaine-du-Roy.

Boreal products

In 2015, Boreal Products proposed to transform Scott Point into a tourist attraction. But the project was abandoned last winter. Investments of $ 5 million were in the air.

The company from Alma had thus responded to a call for proposals launched by Roberval to make tourism and recreation project for Scott Point area.

Boréal products wanted to build a floating hotel in the image of the Roberval boat in addition to renovating the CHAR into a fun site for children and families.

According to the RFP, Roberval required the developer to complete the project by 2017.

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