A sacred origin Sherbrooke God of heaven

capitaine-denis-beaulieu-originaire-sherbrooke(Sherbrooke) Twirling in the air aboard his CF-18, the original Sherbrooke Denis Beaulieu has dazzled many spectators during its North American tour of air show in summer 2015. Those who do not have had the chance to see his prowess can see from the waves in the documentary Historia the Gods of heaven.

The production team followed several teams, including the demonstration of the Royal Canadian Air Force, to show the following air shows. “The production was to show what lies behind the shows and to portray the drivers behind performance. So we opened our doors to the cameras, “says Captain Beaulieu, in still stressing the little nervousness that inhabited when the media were present.

CF-18 pilot for the army for five years, Captain “Cheech” Beaulieu was selected to go with the demonstration team for summer 2015, a “great opportunity” in his words.

Different from its other military assignments, the demonstration experiment was counting much on his aviator skills on the social capability because the shows are public relations tools for the army. The Royal Canadian Air Force takes these opportunities to show his impressive and also had to demonstrate the capabilities of its drivers.

“Many current drivers have also become interested in aviation by this type of show,” he says.

“Even if it’s only 20 minutes of routine, we go out in a sweat.”

It is therefore an important source of recruitment for the organization. The documentary will also help promote the team as him. Hence the importance to to impress viewers. “I often had the most impressive machine of the show. Moreover, the peculiarity of its issue featuring the CF-18 is that it was only in the air. “Unlike Snowbirds which have a training routine, my solo show presented no risk of collision with other aircraft. I could be more aggressive, go near the crowd backwards, up to speed even her, “said Captain Beaulieu.

“Even if it’s only 20 minutes of routine, we go out in sweat. It’s very demanding, “he says, explaining that pushed the limits of the aircraft to the extreme.

Today, he left his life “Rock Star” of aviation to regain its traditional military occupations. After a stay in the Middle East for the Canadian operations at the beginning of the year, Denis Beaulieu worked as instructor of CF-18 in July.

The documentary series The Gods of heaven is presented on the Historia channel since early June. The episodes will air until August 4.

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