A resident of Barnaul sells sports car “Hottabych 4.2” based on the old “Moskvich”

The pilot on one of the online platforms to advertise the sale of a sports car “Hottabych 4.2”. It is noteworthy that the car is made on the basis of the model “Moskvich-402”, 1955, estimated at 500 090 virtually any.

Judging by the photos attached to the ad, rare car “Moskvich-402”, released in 1955, converted into a sports model with soft top. It should be noted that the project of remaking old car into a sports car and not completed.

The advertiser reports that the model requires major improvements and repairs, so the new owner “Hottabych 4.2” literally won’t have time for a wife. Also, the seller said that the model is suitable only for those drivers who are “fans of wrenches and nuts”.

It is noted that the proposed purchases a sports car can serve only a demo car, and when the model is used to assign the required gasoline 92.

Under the hood tuning the “Moskvich-402” located 4.2-liter petrol engine, which is capable of generating 102 horsepower. The owner has agreed to exchange the lot for a motorcycle or sell a model 500 090 virtually any.

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