A renovated house for children bereaved of their mother

1215482(SHERBROOKE) The renovations are nearly complete and, after a late magical week in Montreal, Jolyanne Ouellette and his brother, Jessy Ouellette returned Sunday night their home in Victoriaville, renovated floor to ceiling.

“It makes no sense, it’s amazing! “Chanted the girl seeing all the work. In two days, the team of Angels in the region has made ​​every effort to renovate the house of Ouellette. Adequate mixing between memories and new life is now found within the walls of the residence.

Jolyanne and Jessy have lost their mother, Julie, after a stroke on 17 February. This is a video on YouTube to participate in the show that The Banker has attracted the attention of some of the business leaders of Victoriaville and area.

“We gave him the tools to enable her to continue to move forward,” said Johnny Izzi, one of the initiators of the project and executive vice president of Gaudreau Environment. He adds that there is still support for bringing the young woman, but the helping hand that he and his team have given will certainly help to keep the house and the nursery that she created in the residence .

“It’s always been her dream to look after the children and to have a place at home to do it,” Mr. Izzi.

Blessed angels

It is under the sun bright as angels descended from heaven. “Without wanting to play on words, we have been blessed by temperature,” says Johnny Izzi. At the height of the day Saturday, 35 volunteers were working in the house and outside. “We had to have completed 17 hours on Sunday. We took all the help that was offered. ”

The residence of Jeannette Street took a deserved facelift. “It would be easier to tell you that we have not changed in the house. “The doors and windows, siding, landscaping, bedrooms, living room, bathrooms, kitchen, nursery, everything happened. Whether the paint on the walls, new furniture and new flooring.

“Everything has been possible thanks to donations of time and materials companies and volunteers”, explained Mr. Izzi.

While there are some small projects to complete, the house should be completed in the coming weeks.

A dream week end for the family

While the volunteers were at work in Victoriaville, Jolyanne, his brother and their grandfather, Leander, had the royal treatment. The trio first went to prom Jessy, which highlighted the end of high school.

The next day, a driver took them to Montreal where they could enjoy the more than warm weather. Seating close to the stage of Cirque du Soleil, Luzia, were reserved for them. An evening that seemed to please the young woman, according to comments and photos she put on Facebook as a result of it.

Sunday was under the sign of relaxation while the three members of the family went for a walk in Chinatown, a first for them, before they return to Victoriaville.

The work is not finished

The latest efforts that want to undertake the Angels in the region consist of a Radiothon to raise the remaining $ 80,000 in home mortgage. “We do not want this family has money worries for the home. We want it again free spirit, “the executive vice president of Gaudreau Environment.

Everything will begin the weekend of September 9 to Jailbreak complex where guests will be served by the area MP, Alain Rayes, during an evening Barman activity.

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