A rebellion against Putin broke out with new force, the level of aggression is off the charts: all the details

Бунт против Путина разгорелся с новой силой, уровень агрессии зашкаливает: все подробности

3 Aug held a new rally against the Moscow authorities

Immediately prior to the event, detained one of the organizers of the protest — Love Sable, which had previously encouraged to go to the protest.

According to Russian independent media in Moscow was pulled many police, as well as Russian guards. During the mass detentions were behind bars, more than a thousand people.

Its мнениеv about these protests shared a Russian journalist Igor Yakovenko.

So, he admitted that these events have a significant impact power and in the near can lead to the elimination of the Putin regime in Russia.

Бунт против Путина разгорелся с новой силой, уровень агрессии зашкаливает: все подробности

“Indeed, these two protests – 27 July and 3 August revealed that the government has transferred the state in Russia to another level. The level of violence, the level of aggression was going wild. People out in the streets that have absolutely no aggressive, no weapons, nothing quite harshly, even brutally beaten. All these pictures went around the Internet and here I have nothing to add.”, he says.

Yakovenko also made the assumption that the number of people that will take to the streets will increase, as even people who during long time supported the power, now oppose. He stressed that an important detail will be the leaders of such protests.

Бунт против Путина разгорелся с новой силой, уровень агрессии зашкаливает: все подробности

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“So, I think a lot will depend on how skillfully the protest organizers will be able to do it.”, he said.

The journalist believes that the current detention of the protest leaders played a cruel joke with the authorities.

“First, I went to the self-organizing emergence of new leaders. In this sense, this tactic failed. Secondly, we felt the deficit of the organization. The event was held on August 3rd so that almost no one understood what was happening, where to go.”, he said.

He expressed confidence that all will be resolved on September 8 of this year, when will “these quasi-elections”. And the organizers need to make every effort to attempt to clear the political field failed.

We will remind, Putin’s regime will collapse soon

And Politeka reported that Poroshenko cynically left out in the cold thousands of military

Also Politeka wrote that the residents blocked the road in the Lviv region