A psychologist told how to solve any problem: “you Have three questions”

Психолог рассказала, как решить любую проблему: "Нужно всего три вопроса"

Financial problems, relationships with loved ones, trouble at work — all affect our mental state, but it is possible to solve any of them

Without stopping to analyze the problem, but a way out can not find? In his new book, “13 things they avoid strong women” (“13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do”) a practicing psychotherapist, clinical social worker Amy Morin explains how to tell when you do actively solve the problem, when you suffer from wrap, no use wasting energy.

Психолог рассказала, как решить любую проблему: "Нужно всего три вопроса"

According to experts, the difference between the wrap and the solution to the problem is not how much time you devote to meditation, and in what direction are your thoughts.

When you noticed, what do you think about the problem or any disturbing the event too much, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is there a solution to this problem? Some problems really can’t be solved as we would like. You can’t make the illness of a loved one to disappear or to cancel the psyche of traumatic event that has already happened. There are certain situations for which the best solution is to try to take the problem. If you dive into it, analyzing the injustice of the world, only harm your psychological well-being.

2. I focus on the problem or seeking the solution? If, for example, you are faced with financial problems, effective strategy, where to find extra earnings or how to save on monthly costs. Starting instead to present the worst-case outcome, or to think about how badly your financial position, you useless waste energy, which is better to use to build the plan out of the situation.

3. What the border has an optimal solution? Once you have formulated possible strategies, compare them on the basis of the following indicators: possible risks, budget, time or other resources necessary to exit the situation. Then set reasonable limits for the optimal solution (for example, cost no more than X to spend time no more than Y weeks, etc.) and based on the defined boundaries, make your choice.

Психолог рассказала, как решить любую проблему: "Нужно всего три вопроса"

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Asking yourself these questions, you can track when you really actively search for a way out of the situation, and when dealing with the inflation problem. When you realize that your thoughts are not productive, you will finally be able to tackle the issue.

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