“A product of the brothel”: Milon harshly criticized Olga Buzova and her performance at VK Fest

«Порождение борделя»: Милонов жестко раскритиковал Ольгу Бузову и ее выступление на VK Fest

State Duma Deputy from the party “United Russia” Vitaly Milonov has commented on the opinion of Internet users about what the singer Olga Buzova in their speeches, often uses the Nazi salute. This policy stated that the most likely reason is that the artist can’t sing and dance, so her movements remind people and not the same. Milonov called Buzova “offspring of the brothel called “House-2”, which is not able to Express any political preferences, reports “5 channel”.

“She learned to open his mouth and speak, to move lips, but this does not mean that she does it well. In General, the limitations of available gestures is such that embarrassing situation,” Milonov said.

In addition Milonov was surprised that she was doing at VK Fest, as in his opinion, Buzova is not the place for musical events. Instead, he proposed “to do business” the singer and to try yourself in cooking or agriculture.

The Deputy also noted that Buzova should stop filming yourself in Instagram Stories while driving, as it endangers other road users.

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