A powerful tornado swept throughout the country: “turned over bus with passengers”

Мощный торнадо прошелся по стране: «перевернул автобус с пассажирами»

A devastating tornado raged in the South

Waxing is not a joke, the element has destroyed about a dozen homes and overturned the bus in which there were people.

The day before a tornado swept through the southern part of Romania in the area of Dredge, district Calarasi. Extreme event removed the drivers moving on the road. Sight shown is so terrible that people in a panic didn’t know what to do next to continue or turn back.

Мощный торнадо прошелся по стране: «перевернул автобус с пассажирами»

As eyewitnesses told, first went to the castle, and then it seemed a tornado. The tornado was moving rapidly. Dust was a pillar in the neighborhood.

As reported by local authorities, the hurricane destroyed in the region of the building, and turned over a passenger bus near the settlement Brancoveni. The bus was carrying 40 people. After the incident, 30 people turned for help to physicians.

In tornado-affected areas of the rescue work.

Meteorologists say that global warming tornado in Romania will increase.

As previously reported, a large tornado suddenly appeared in Ukraine. Natural PE occurred in Melitopol, Zaporizhia region. Witnesses issued the corresponding video on the Internet.

It is noted that the tornado reached, approximately 2 metres in diameter. The witnesses emphasize that there are no prerequisites to tornado, for example, wind or rain, was not.

Another view of the (dissipating) dusty tornado near Calarasi, Romania yesterday, April 30. Report: George Ionasc

Posted by Severe Weather Europe on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Earlier we wrote that a huge hail fell in Zhytomyr and Ternopil regions. “Some huge hail literally “flooded” roads. Due to poor visibility, drivers were forced to stay on the sidelines and wait out the storm” — reported by witnesses of yesterday’s disaster in the Zhytomyr region.

Мощный торнадо прошелся по стране: «перевернул автобус с пассажирами»

Rescuers are engaged in elimination of consequences of bad weather that went through several areas of the region and affected the regional center. In Berezhany and Kozovsky areas of the flooded plots of land, the flow of rain waters damaged two cars. In some villages complicated by the passage of vehicles.

It is also noted that rescuers evacuated from the impounded vehicle’s four passengers, two of them children.

Recall that in Ukraine on Easter, snow fell.

As reported Politeka, weather upset Ukrainians: much colder, more accurate forecast.

Also Politeka wrote that the weather division of Ukraine: the present summer and cold.