A powerful tornado struck the Ukrainians: “the trip to the sea turned into a disaster movie”

Мощный смерч обрушился на украинцев: «поездка на море превратилась в фильм-катастрофу»

A strong tornado scared the Ukrainians on the road to the sea

The elements raged in the Zaporozhye region on Saturday, July 6. The tornado passed between Melitopol and the seaside.

Video from the moment of the raging elements was published on the Instagram page “melitopol_gram”.

A strong tornado formed in a field near the road and found the authors of the movie in the car on the way to the sea. The footage shows how the powerful currents of the vortex, quickly moving directly across the field.

The authors of the video tried to catch the tornado, but to no avail. About the aftermath of the storm were reported.

Earlier, we reported that a powerful hurricane hit the country, killing several people.

It is noted that the element was caught by surprise a large city with a population of 500 thousand people.

According to available information, the Chinese city Kaiyuan swept deadly tornado that killed at least six people. It is also reported that the victims of the disaster were also 190 local residents who received various injuries.

How to tell local journalists, the diameter of the funnel of a tornado was a few hundred meters. The hurricane was so strong that in the houses a few blocks there is not a whole window.

Element in its path were blown off roofs and overturned cars. Also, she was easily able to uproot trees and bring down power lines columns, and in the sky flying bricks and debris.

According to journalists, the wind speed reached 23 m/s. Many buildings, including hospitals, de-energized, and the government is now engaged in the massive evacuation of people.

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Мощный смерч обрушился на украинцев: «поездка на море превратилась в фильм-катастрофу»

Earlier we reported that a powerful hurricane struck the Odessa region. It is reported that in Kodyma district storm broke dozens of trees that, in falling, had torn power lines, damaged cars. In Balta the wind tore the roofs of houses.

It is noted that the bad weather lasted more than 10 minutes, but managed to make a lot of trouble.

In addition, because of the element more than four hours, the residents of Kodyma and the Balts were left without electricity.

We will remind, destructive nature struck the Odessa region: “crushes everything in its path.”

As reported Politeka, the rebellious element that brought a lot of troubles in the Odessa region.

Also Politeka wrote that a double tornado caught up with vacationers on the beach: the “nature gone mad”.