A powerful tornado scared tourists in the Ukrainian resort: the “raging near the tents”, footage of the storm

Мощный смерч напугал туристов на украинском курорте: "бушевал рядом с палатками", кадры бури

The power of the element noticed the campers and was very surprised

In the Azov district (Zaporizhzhya region), August 11, the campers filmed the tornado. A strong whirlwind swept a few metres from the tents.

According to local media reports, a tornado appeared suddenly, because the whole day, nothing foretold troubles. At this time, the site was almost windless weather with clear skies and clear sea.

We will remind, on Thursday, August 8, in the Zaporozhye region also noticed a tornado of flying insects.

Entomologists said that like flies, the ants had multiplied because of the humid and hot weather. This “phenomenon” is observed every year in the last two months of the summer. At this time, black garden ants mating season, which lasts only a few days.

The flying ants does not get any people.

Earlier we wrote that the rain in Odessa flooded the streets of the city. In particular, on Quarantine descent, the strong water flow demolished a dozen parked cars and done many more troubles.

Also in Odessa long the storm raged. The result was panic. Eyewitnesses have published photos and videos of the raging elements.

In addition, some time later, a tornado suddenly appeared on the Odessa beach “Luzanovka.” According to eyewitnesses, the element appeared on the banks of sand.

Tornado broke my umbrella, took to the sea water attractions. Fortunately, no tourists were not injured.

Rescuers said that the tornado was observed for about a minute.

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Мощный смерч напугал туристов на украинском курорте: "бушевал рядом с палатками", кадры бури

Whirlwind twirled in the sand and went to sea. Most of the rest fell to the sand, thinking that they will take, they haven’t even filmed the incident on their camera.

By the way, not far from Odessa city Tatarbunary a tornado swept over lake Sasik.

And on the border of the Kherson and Zaporozhye areas walked tornado. It took a resident of Zaporizhia.

Also on August 4, Twister took off in the sea in the Russian city of Sochi. A huge water column several times higher than the residential homes and was very near residential areas.

Witnesses of bad weather were residents Lazarevsky district of Sochi. Then the city declared a storm warning. And people were advised not to leave their homes, forbidden to visit the beaches and swim. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

We will remind, destructive nature struck the Odessa region: “crushes everything in its path.”

As reported Politeka, the rebellious element that brought a lot of troubles in the Odessa region.

Also Politeka wrote that a double tornado caught up with vacationers on the beach: the “nature gone mad”