A powerful explosion rocked a popular resort, dozens of victims: emergency personnel are striking

Мощный взрыв всколыхнул популярный курорт, десятки жертв: кадры ЧП поражают

Rescuers found at the crash site the bodies of children and women

April 27, a powerful explosion occurred in the East of Sri Lanka. As writes the edition “Znayu” residential building is a mass grave. Found out the details of the local media.

As it turned out, an explosion rocked the house at the popular resort. Emergency personnel found on the scene of dozens of dead people. Almost half of them were children.

Мощный взрыв всколыхнул популярный курорт, десятки жертв: кадры ЧП поражают

“A total of 15 bodies, including six men, three women and six children found in the blown-up house in Sainthamaruthu,” write the journalists of Sri Lanka from the words of the rescuers.

In the bombing, accused terrorists. During a special operation in Ampara district, the police seized the cans of fuel and a flag on which are depicted the symbols of the radical organization “Islamic state”. During the day, the militiamen detained on the island of 20 people, whom I suspect to the attacks. The First News television channel has published a video with the searches in the suspects house.

Earlier it became known about the tragedy in the family of a 61-year-old resident of London, Matthew Lindsay. Go otdohnut in Sri Lanka, the man was in the midst of the attack. On the night of 21 April, the island was rocked by a series of explosions at churches and hotels. And in the morning the terrorists have perpetrated mass killing of Catholics, celebrating Easter in the churches. The number of victims has reached 359 people, another 520 wounded.

Мощный взрыв всколыхнул популярный курорт, десятки жертв: кадры ЧП поражают

Matthew along with 15-year-old daughter and 19-year-old son Daniel were vacationing in Shangri-La hotel in Colombo. They had Breakfast in the restaurant when the explosion occurred. Shrapnel struck both children. Then, the shocked father had to choose whom of the heirs need to save. The man decided to send his son to the hospital, while the woman watched as a wounded teenager. Both victims died despite all efforts.

“My son looked worse than daughter. I tried to bring it into consciousness. One of the women said that I would look after my daughter. I took the boy and an ambulance took him to the hospital. I screamed, “Please help my son…” — told British reporters after the disaster.

Recall, the flames again swept Sri Lanka: an explosion occurred, photos from the scene of the tragedy.

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