A powerful explosion has thundered in a residential building, people are crushed by debris: first pictures of emergency

Мощный взрыв прогремел в жилом доме, людей раздавило обломками: первые кадры ЧП

After the disaster, many residents are stuck in the captivity of the destroyed building

In the night of 12 may, a powerful explosion blew up half of a residential building in Russia. The press service of EMERCOM reported the shocking details of the incident. It is established that exploded household gas.

The accident occurred in the village Chistoozernaya Kamensky district of Rostov region. Information about the incident was received in the emergency services at about 00:30. The blast destroyed half of a two-storey house, catching the seven apartments of the 16 apartments. As you can see the footage from the roof of the building, little remains. Two apartments are completely destroyed.

Мощный взрыв прогремел в жилом доме, людей раздавило обломками: первые кадры ЧП

The fragments filled up people and locked many inside. The building was threatened at any moment to collapse, which prevented the rescuers to evacuate the victims. While clearing the rubble, they found a dead man. Another victim of the accident was nine-year-old girl who died on the way to the hospital. It is also reported about an elderly woman, hospitalized in serious condition. Save her life in intensive care. Another victim received injuries of moderate severity. All of the house pulled 12 people.

The explosion worked 89 employees from the operational groups of the local fire and rescue of the garrison, the Central crisis management. In addition, the accident was investigated by 45 employees of the regional emergencies Ministry. The experts will determine the cause of the explosion.

Мощный взрыв прогремел в жилом доме, людей раздавило обломками: первые кадры ЧП

Earlier, the explosion occurred in the Kyiv region. According to the state of national police of the Kiev region, a 36-year veteran of the ATO decided to commit suicide. He said farewell to his relatives and blew himself up in a ravine with a grenade. It happened may 9 in the village Chupyra. Relatives were unaware of the tragedy. After seeing the former soldier, they only heard an explosion some time later.

On a scene worked it is investigatory-operative group of bila Tserkva police Department. The body of the deceased, the police found traces from the explosion of a grenade in the chest. Near the body was found the cocking lever and the ring by an explosive device. It is noted that after returning from the zone ATO, the man repeatedly tried to settle scores with life. The police started criminal proceedings and investigate the circumstances of the emergency.

We will remind, powerful explosion rocked the capital: eight dead, the police are puzzled by the statement.

As reported Politeka, the explosion occurred near the Russian Embassy in Kiev: first details and photos of emergency.

Also Politeka wrote that the explosion occurred at a military base near the Russian border, killing beauty-officer, the first part of the tragedy.