A powerful explosion blew up the whole street, many bodies: details and footage of the bloody tragedy

Мощный взрыв разнес целую улицу, много трупов: детали и кадры кровавой трагедии

Bystanders witnessed the bloody tragedy

This informs the Telegram-channel 360tv

It is reported that a terrible emergency happened in southern Afghanistan.

Мощный взрыв разнес целую улицу, много трупов: детали и кадры кровавой трагедии

In particular, in the village of Karat, a massive explosion: blew up a car bomb.

According to local media, the tragedy happened in front of the national Directorate of security. According to the latest data, as a result of the bloody terrorist attack killed at least 12 people. Another 85 were injured and were hospitalized.

The responsibility for the bloody attack was claimed by the terrorist group the Taliban, which had carried out the assassination of the President of Afghanistan. Moreover, radical Islamists with terrorist attacks threatening to disrupt the elections of the President.

Мощный взрыв разнес целую улицу, много трупов: детали и кадры кровавой трагедии

We reported earlier about the terrible tragedy that happened in high school: people were burned alive and suffocated by smoke, it is known that among the victims were many children. Misfortune overtook educational institution in the suburbs of the capital of Liberia Monrovia.

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“On Wednesday, September 18 as a result of a fire in a Koranic school killed at least 26 children and two teachers” — referred to in the message.

The causes of PE are not yet disclosed, the incident occurred in the night of Wednesday:

“I pray for the families of children killed last night in Painsville in the Wake of the horrific fire that engulfed the school building. This is a tough time for the families and for the whole of Liberia,” he brought wrote to the President of the country George Weah

Recall that radiation blast Putin: the situation is terrible, the truth revealed by satellite imagery.

As reported Politeka, an explosion at a military base and a radiation leak in Russia: the people rescued by helicopters, “hiding the truth”.

Also Politeka wrote that a powerful explosion occurred at the plant, a black “mushroom” up over the city: scary video damage.