A powerful explosion blew up a skyscraper in the capital: the details and images from the crash site

Мощный взрыв разнес высотку в столице: подробности и кадры с места катастрофы

A powerful bomb exploded on the prospect of David Guramishvili Tbilisi on Saturday, 19 October

The blast was so strong that the walls of the 16-storey building partially collapsed from the first to the fourth floor, reports the edition “Caucasian knot”. In hundreds of apartments, including the houses in the neighborhood, broken glass. In addition, the debris damaged about ten cars parked near the flats.

Previously, the cause of PE was a gas leak in one of the apartments.

Arrived on the scene, rescuers evacuated people from their homes in case of further collapse of damaged structures.

As a result of the incident injured four residents of high-rise buildings, including a teenager. 34-the summer owner of the apartment, which was at the epicenter of the explosion, is now in intensive care. He has burns over 60 percent of the body. Doctors said he had injuries in the third degree, and respiratory tract burns and burn shock. Now his condition is critical, doctors are doing everything possible to save lives.

Мощный взрыв разнес высотку в столице: подробности и кадры с места катастрофы

Privat lit up in a new scandal: “the money just fly away…”

According to journalists, just a few days before the explosion, employees of gas distribution company Tbilisi Energy checked the house and found the apartment where the explosion occurred, himself mounted gas water heater. They immediately unplugged the appliance and warned owners about the dangers of its operation. If you recheck the door to acccess refused.

Мощный взрыв разнес высотку в столице: подробности и кадры с места катастрофы

Militiamen brought criminal case under article “Violation of safety rules on objects of electric or heat energy, gas, oil or oil products”, which is punishable by fine or by restriction of liberty for a term up to three years, or by deprivation of liberty for a term up to two years.

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So far, the tenants, and it is about 77 families will be settled in the hotel. Meanwhile, a special Commission will assess the suitability of their apartments for future residence.

Note that the mayor of Tbilisi is a former soccer player Kakha Kaladze. After the explosion in an apartment building on April 7 this year, when eight people were injured, he said the tightening of the rules for use of gas and promised that the houses will be equipped with special detectors that detect a gas leak.

We will remind, the high-rise building exploded in Kharkiv.

As reported Politeka that the explosion took place in Kiev.

Also Politeka wrote that large-scale gas leak occurred in the capital.